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What Should I Eat? (Part 1)

what to eat?


Raw, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, fruitarian, alkaline …… the list goes on.


So which one is for you?


We are in a world of fast and ever-changing, and much contradictory information. Food is a huge topic, a commonality of every human on the planet is that they have to eat. But with ever increasing amounts of disease and symptoms of ill health, what the hell are we meant to be eating?


How many celebs, bloggers and authors are out there telling us what to eat? There are many whose lives have been turned around through the adoption of a certain way of eating, and many are purporting that they have found the answer to everyone’s prayers. Many have cured their own diseases such as cancer or MS through radically changing their diet. The funny thing is one person may have cured a disease through a vegan diet and another through a meat based diet. In fact, the same disease might have been cured by two diametrically opposing diet philosophies…. So no wonder we are confused!


So if we see that there are many different eating approaches which have helped people overcome health issues, how come? And why are many of these people shouting about their approach to eating over others?


Because it is all about the individual. That’s why!


Purely from a physical perspective we are all as different on the inside as on the outside, and we have very different requirements from our food. This can be down to our inherited genes, but also down to the external factors such as where we live and what specific stressors are effecting our physiology at any one time. It can also be down to our personal history of eating habits and how out of balance we are currently.


For example, you might have been eating a very heavy meat based diet since childhood, and as soon as you change to a more vegetarian based diet many of your symptoms clear up. On the flip side you might have been a vegetarian for many years and suddenly eating a diet high in meat and fish clears up your symptoms. This is simply the body coming back into balance.


The great thing is, that all this information and confusion is leading us to where the answers really lie… within you! We can get clues and ideas from all the external information but your individual answers lie within. So, Listen to your body!


Feel and observe how your body responds to what you eat. Start to have a proper relationship with your body, whereby instead of ramming it with what you want to eat, you listen to what it wants, as you would a child or partner. As soon as you start a proper relationship, your body will stop having to shout and scream for attention.


Play with the ratios of the 3 main macro nutrients of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Look at how much raw and cooked food you are eating. Then start to notice how you feel after each meal or snack. Do you need more vegetables and less protein, maybe more fats. Is there a certain food which you notice is causing you fatigue, or other symptoms like bloating or spots? Do you feel energised after eating, or need a nap? How long does it keep me satiated for?


Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to look at how you have been eating up until now and then simply flip this round. What have you not been including in your diet, or what have you been eating excessively?




Simply play with it and see how you respond to these little experiments. Be patient and give it time, as some of you will have been so unaware of your response to food it might take a bit of time for the clouds to part and to start to have awareness of your reactions.


I will look at this in greater depth in further blogs but for now, simply observe your body’s messages and respond appropriately. Get your mind out of the way, and don’t listen to others’ telling you what you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ be eating, YOUR body is boss!


If you have any questions or thoughts on the subjects I would be happy to hear.


Happy eating,


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