Laurie's Foods | Launching my Krauts at the N&OP Show
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Launching my Krauts at the N&OP Show

Launching my Krauts at the N&OP Show



So all of a sudden I had a stand at the N&OP show at Excel full of sauerkraut in bright, shiny, new packaging & with some beautifully designed banners and marketing bumf!


This was the first time I had seen this all together and to the onlooker it could look as if this had all come together overnight with a swift bit of design work and a couple of new recipes, I wish!


Having been working in this business for 4 years now I have come to realize (& been warned) that everything takes twice as long & costs twice as much as you originally planned. Since my first product hit the shelves around 2 ½ years ago I always had this vision in mind for a range of products in the packaging you see now. So I went for it and 18 months ago started to develop the business with this vision in mind.


During those 18 months I have had to do many of the typical things business owners have to do… Finding finance, working 2 jobs, moving home to Mum, investing all the money I had & living a bit of a hermit’s life. It has been well worth it, if challenging, and I wouldn’t swap the experience. Fortunately I have had a lot of support from my Mum (ahhhh) & have always enjoyed a challenge (although it helps when you don’t realize the scale of it until it’s too late!) …it all makes for an interesting life.


I probably had an idea in mind that having gone through the launch of one product, launching three would be pretty simple considering I was now more experienced. But when it came to it, I wanted to create the best product I could, to make sure it was something I would want to buy & eat myself.


This new range incorporates 100% organic herbs, spices & vegetables, and a new, high quality, unrefined, Atlantic Sea Salt. The packs have been developed to be light-weight enough to make shopping & storage a little easier, and with a ‘stay fresh valve’ it keeps the kraut fresh, allowing the ferment gases to escape. On top of that we have 3 varieties, which have been created by myself and constantly trialed and tested to create a small range of different tastes to create & accompany different dishes.


So the vision I had has come to fruition and I am excited to share it and get the products out there to those who need them. The picture you see here is a picture of the vision I had 4 years ago, a vision which has required patience, faith and endurance!


It was 4 years ago that I was trying to find just such a product myself, so I hope you enjoy them!