Laurie's Foods | Laurie’s Story
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Laurie’s Story

Hi, I’m Laurie, that’s me on the left,

I’m the one with the skateboard & bowl cut,

the other one is my brother, Chris.

The Early Years

As a kid I was always very active, playing sports & whizzing around on my bike or skateboard. Faced with the option of either eating my Dad’s concoctions or my own (Dad once made me a peanut butter & pickle sandwich), I learned to cook quickly! I aspired to be a chef or a stuntman but I ended up in the corporate world very unsatisfied. So in 2004 I did a U-turn & got myself qualified as a personal trainer, reconnecting with my life’s passions. As a PT I soon realised my clients had many health challenges & more obviously so did I. My digestion was struggling; I couldn’t get my head off the pillow, couldn’t think straight & had constant fatigue & mild depression.

Healthy Living

For the sake of my life & livelihood I studied everything I could on holistic health. With this knowledge I made a couple of necessary changes to my diet & lifestyle & soon my mood & energy soared. During this time I realised that as well as eating some of the wrong foods, I wasn’t eating enough of the right ones. Foods such as raw sauerkraut, which were recommended to me by numerous books & experts, were soon on my shopping list. However I couldn’t find these products in the shops, so I began to make them at home. My kitchen soon became full of ferment jars, chopping boards & cabbages! It soon dawned on me that there must be many people that needed these foods just as much as I did, & so…

Launching Laurie’s Foods

In 2012 I launched ‘Laurie’s Tummy Loving Foods’. It started by simply hitting the shops of London with a cool pack on my back & a few packs of Laurie’s ‘Sparkling White Cabbage’, my first product. Most of the shops placed an order with me right there & then, there was a definite demand for quality Kraut! After a quick packaging upgrade a wholesaler took it on and Laurie’s started to grow. More recently I have added new products to the range & updated the brand to what you see now. It has been challenging journey to get to where I am now, but it has led me to a great place of understanding, an authentic life & growing business which I hope will benefit others.