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What is tummy loving food?

Nowadays we go about life at a fair pace, taking our digestive health for granted. We eat whatever we want and expect our digestion to still do its job.

Tummy Loving Foods are here to provide natural foods which not only taste great, but at the same time give a little love back to your hard working tummy.

By reintroducing certain traditional foods into our diet we can enjoy new dimensions of taste & start to rejuvenate our digestive system, helping our levels of vitality & well-being along the way.

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Why Sauerkraut / Cultured Veggies?

Raw, cultured vegetables not only add great tastes & textures but they are renowned as an excellent source of beneficial bacteria & a wealth of vitamins, minerals & enzymes.

Health experts such as Sally Fallon (‘Nourishing Traditions’) & Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (‘Gut & Psychology Syndrome’) recommend them for this very reason…… but they must be raw.

​Raw means it has not been cooked or pasteurised. Heating fermented foods this way destroys most of their nutrient properties whilst also altering what should be a fresh taste & crisp texture.

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The Fermentation Process

Let’s face it, there is no great magic here! To make cultured veggies, you simply need quality veg (organic in our case) & salt (unrefined is best). The magic is in the fermentation process and the microorganisms which create the right environment for zingy, fresh & crunchy krauts.


Simply, get a good knife & a strong arm for chopping (or even a food processor) & get chopping! You can chop your veg in all sorts of shapes & textures.

Salt & mix

Put your veggies in a big bowl, add around 1.5-2% of unrefined sea salt & give a good mix whilst gently squeezing the veg, until the juice builds up nicely (around 10 mins).

Leave to Ferment

Pack the veg & all its’ juice into a fermentation jar and leave in a room at about 18-20 degrees for anywhere from around 1-3 weeks (liquid should just about cover the veg). Then enjoy!

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